Some tips to getting that offer.

If you have not interviewed in a while and want to make sure you get an offer, here are a few things to consider while interviewing.  Remember our goal for you is to get an offer.  There are really no decisions to make until we get one.

These tips are beyond the obvious of dressing appropriately and looking your interviewer in the eye.  Consider the following:


  • Be honest with what you can and cannot do.  Veteran interviewers / managers have heard and seen it all.  They know pretty quickly when someone is trying to “sell” them.

  • Clarify the questions if you’re not 100% sure what is being asked.  It’s ok to clarify and make sure you are answering the question that is really being asked.  Also, clarify your answers – work to get verification of your answers by following #3.

  • Ask Questions – Follow up after you have been asked a question.  This tells the interviewer a lot about you.  If asked, “What methodology did you use for this project?” you can ask right back – “What methodology do you think works best, in a specific situation?”  Create a conversation.

  • Don’t talk about Salary – Don’t do IT!  I know it’s tempting to negotiate up front, but in most cases it will hurt you.  The best advice is to simply be honest about what your current compensation is and to communicate to the interviewer that you are open to consider any offer they would feel is fair.  You’re actively interviewing and would love to consider their offer.  Once they make an offer then your can counter.  This way your not leaving money on the table, or not getting an offer because you outbid yourself.

  • THE CLOSE – It’s a simple question, but works very well.  As the interview is winding down and you are thanking the interviewer for his / her time, simply ask:  Based on our conversation today, do you have any concerns about my ability to do this job?  – This question will allow you to re-address any concerns the interviewer may have and if they do not have any questions, you both will feel good about the interview.